Your First Visit.

At your first visit, you will be asked to complete some paperwork to help us get to know you better.

Next Dr ferguson will sit down and ask additional questions to be certain he has a complete understanding of your health history, your concerns and your health goals.

The initial exam includes standard orthopedic and neurologic testing as well as specific chiropractic postural and functional assessments. As we DO NOT MASSAGE ( read why not below ) and only use pressure point theraphy.  Therefore removal of clothing apart from shoes is unnecessary at our clinic, so your privacy is totally respected whether it is with examination or treatment.  Upon completion of this thorough evaluation, Dr. Ferguson will explain his findings and answer your questions.

If Dr. Ferguson believes that you need additional diagnostic testing, or that Chiropractic treatment is not the best choice for your condition he will let you know at this stage.  And if all is OK treatment in 99% of cases will commence on your First Visit.

shoudn't everything be loosened up first ?

Our objective is to find spinal misalignments and work with your body to correct them. Because your body is always working to correct itself, analysis of the muscles around your spine is a crucial element in our procedure.


Massage may alter the state of your muscles and thus make it difficult or even impossible to do our job accurately in our opinion. This is why you may not have gotten the results previously that you had expected!

will it hurt without massage.

No. Your body uses its muscles to attempt to correct misalighnments, so when we place a gentle and specific force into your spine, we are working with your muscles, not against them, This process is usually not painful at all, & many people actually find it quite pleasant. Massage may make the delivery of our techniques more difficult in our opinion. Greater force would be required to achieve the same result because the muscles working to correct your misalighnments have been relaxed.



NO. Massage has many benefits & we certainly would not wish to discourage anyone from receiving it. It's just that Massage plays no part in the detection, analysis or correction of spinal misalignments in our opinion.